Wednesday, 27 July 2016


For nearly five years now, we've been posting to the Primary Ideas blog. In that time, we've written about 200 blog posts and heard from teachers and educators around the globe about how useful those posts have been. In that time, we've worked as full-time class teachers who have also held a Head of Year position in a junior school. 

From 1st September 2016, we'll both begin a new venture as assistant heads in that same junior school. We will still maintain a class teacher role and therefore still contribute to the Primary Ideas blog (affectionately referred to by some as the 'PI Blog'), but we'll use this space to write specifically about leadership within the primary education setting. 

We've lead teams and played an active role in our school's SLT for a number of years. This next step will involve a greater leadership role. As always (with the PI Blog), as and when we get chance, we will share our thoughts and ideas for leadership within the primary setting Deep breath and here we go... 

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