Thursday, 8 September 2016

TeachMeets at home

We love a good TeachMeet. The people, the ideas and the sharing all add up to fast, in depth and engaging CPD.

We have taken the model, stripped it back and are using it for a few staff meetings each term. Firstly, we decide on the topic (most recently formative assessment tools), put out a sign up sheet to avoid repetition of ideas and then set the stage.

The great thing about this method is that every member of staff can contribute. This week, we had ideas from our most seasoned staff and our newest, three-days-on-the-job NQTs. Every participant got something out of it even if it was only a reminder of a tool they had neglected, every member of staff was listened to and clapped and, as it was so fast-paced, we were all able to stay engaged throughout the meeting.

Bring a TeachMeet to your staff meetings and watch the ideas roll in.

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